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Of everything on the internet, this likely is the site that least needs to be kept around. I'm now hosting it on my own dime mainly out of greatly misplaced nostolgia. Yearning for the days of high school, when almost all the drawings here were made, and freshman year of college, when this rudimentry website was hosted on my roommate's webspace, I can't bring myself to let it disappear for long.

The most I can hope for is that you the visitor be wistfully reminded of your own starry-eyed youth, or at least appreciate a person who makes fanart admitting their lack of talent.

metostopholes AT gmail DOT com

"Gotta sieze the day!"

All charachters on this site are copyrighted by Square, with whom I am not affiliated, etc etc. Seriously, they wouldn't have any reason to sue me over it anyway.